Dental Fees 2020

Dental Examination
Scale and Polish
30 mins
Reduced if covered under PRSI scheme
Amalgam (metal)
White (composite)
Cost depending on size of filling.
Cost depending on difficulty
Full Upper & Full Lower
Full Upper or Full Lower
Partial Plastic
Cost depending on number of teeth.
Metal (chrome/cobalt)
Tax Deductible Treatments
Post & Core
Exam required for exact quotation.
Root Canal Treatments
Single rooted tooth
Double rooted tooth
Triple rooted tooth


Payment Terms

We ask that payments are made for each appointment as they are completed. We accept cash, laser cards and credit cards. A receipt is always issued at the end of each treatment session.


We would ask for at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel your appointment. This gives us the opportunity to offer the appointment to someone else.

Regrettably, patients who continually fail to attend their appointments or cancel at the last minute will be liable to pay a ‘failure to attend’ fee. This must be settled prior to a new appointment being arranged otherwise no further appointments can be made.

The fee scale above aims to give an approximate guide of treatment costs. We assess each patient on an individual basis and devise tailor made treatment plans. All fees are discussed prior to commencement of treatment and a written treatment plan can be provided. Fees may vary depending on the complexity of the work.

Social Welfare Fees

We also accept patients under PPS (PRSI) scheme- this entitles qualified persons to one dental health check per year. Please provide us with your PPS number in advance of your appointment, so that we can check your entitlements with the Deptartment of Social Welfare.

Tax Relief

A number of non routine dental treatments such as crowns, bridgework and endodontics [root canal treatment] qualify for tax relief. This means you can offset the full cost of the treatment against your income tax liability. This is done by filling in a MED2 form which our dentists will provide you with.

Medical Cards

We do not treat patients under the Medical Card Scheme